Sunday, September 13, 2009


SF Recovery Theatre will reconnect the vital historic artistic links within the Tenderloin community by reviving the history of the Black Hawk Jazz Club, once housed in the epicenter of San Francisco’s nightlife, post the 20’s. This jazz oasis hailed as the musicians place to play, started and ended the careers of some of the most well known artist in the United States. The Modern Jazz Quartet as well as Johnny Mathis got their start there, not to mention countless artist and actors living in the neighborhood that brought and endless supply of talent and creativity.

The project goals and objectives involve familiar faces within the community in a project that accurately represents the personally creative side to that which often seen on the street, thus encouraging the entire community to participate in its own well being by taking stock of the potential housed in their own backyard. Stakeholders in the afflicted area would be more likely to participate in the development of cultural enrichment programs such as this, once they see that they can have a positive effect on their immediate surroundings. Community members, musicians, artists and patrons that actually frequented the Black Hawk will be invited to either perform or describe their memory of this club.

SF Recovery Theatre will develop and perform original scripted material in concert with local musicians and present an ongoing production of “Night at the Black Hawk”.

As part of the Wonderland opening ceremony SF Recovery Theater will revisit the location of the original Black Hawk Jazz Club (Turk & Hyde) in homage with a short performance, then continue the tour stopping at various Wonderland installations. We also will follow by performing the currently running acclaimed version of “Night at the Black Hawk” each week during the Wonderland exhibition.

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